NHB fight in the ring – Maya vs Britt

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This no-holds-barred fight in the ring between our newcomer Britt and our skilled fighter Maya is characterized by rapid fighting action and variety of tactics. This fight featured two parts, in the first part of the fight, both women fight besides the ring and in the ring, using lots of wrestling holds. In the second part of the fight - Maya and Britt fight with padding gloves, punching and kicking each other all the way in the ring. Highlights - Each woman gives a good performance, using numerous wrestling moves on the mats, like armbars, armlocks, legbars and another techniques, plus hitting very sensitive parts of their opponent’s body whenever the chance presents itself. This is in addition to all the other damage these two fighters unleash on each other. Both fighters look amazing in their hot outfits. In the second psrt of the fight their hands protected by fingerless padded gloves. The loser in this struggle is completely devastated, finally hanging limp and defeated on the ring ropes! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: NHB fight in the ring – Maya vs Britt

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