No Rules Catfight HD

No Rules Catfight HD

If you like sexy girls, shiny leggings, belly punching, crotch stomping and fierce catfighting in apartment then this clip should whet your appetite. Non-stop catfighting action with lots of belly punching, head scissorholds, crotch stomping and grinding that ends in a pulverizing, humiliating defeat for one bikini girl! If you like no rules HARD fighting action and sexy girls in shiny leggings, then this clip is a must for your collection.



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Clip Duration - 11 min. 02 sec.


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Erotic devastation!
from Anonymous on 05/01/2014
Wow, what an erotic battle! At first both women struggle against each other on the couch, using both hand and leg holds. Marta gets the upper hand with some blows, then Inga gets her turn, using various chokes and holds on Marta. Some of the wrestling holds she puts on Marta's arms and legs are amazing. Next Inga manages to grab Marta's legs and spread them wide, then jams her foot into Marta's crotch. What follows is some serious erotic action as Inga uses a combination of stomps and grinding pressure to attack Marta's female cleft. This awesome attack is shown from several angles, and Inga really works on Marta's womanhood beautifully. Marta turns the tables on her and suddenly is sitting on Inga's back, twisting her arms. She then repays Inga by spreading her legs and giving her crotch a combination of stomping and crushing attacks with her foot. Marta then grabs Inga's breasts and gives the upper body a workout. While Inga is feeling the effects of this, Marta goes back to work between her legs, planting her foot on the feminine cleft and pressing down while pulling Inga's legs toward herself, so maximum pressure is applied to the vulnerable target. When she finishes working on the vulva, Marta chokes Inga unconscious and leaves her sprawled on the couch. Overall, an extremely hot catfight between two of the sexiest women around! Their outfits are incredible. They use ideal expressions to convey the action. The filming is superb; clear and perfectly lighted to show everything. It is one of the best videos to see some really fantastic crotch attacks. Each woman gets a chance to jam her foot between her opponent's legs and really take her time working on the delicate feminine flesh. Combine that with the extremely tight pants they are wearing and you have some INTENSE action!