Rapier Fencing Class – Lexxi vs Vicky

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By popular demand, we offer a brand new prolonged fantasy rapier duel between our hottest women - Lexxi and Vicky -. Both duelists are wearing skin-tight fitting gymnastic string leotards, fingerless gloves and boots. The duel starts with posing images with rapier of each combatant and continues with craftiness and knowledge of fencing. The fighters are quick with their rapiers, hitting with series of well-placed attacks into each other's breast and lower belly, because only victory counts! But not only rapiers are used in the fight, the girls also punch and kick to very sensitive areas of their female bodies, trying to gain the advantage. The tight and stretchy lycra outfits make both women look very gorgeous, showing off their beautiful curves. Another fabulous fantasy fencing duel with gorgeous fighters. Just a must for your fencing collection! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Rapier Fencing Class – Lexxi vs Vicky

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from on 29/03/2016
Love the fencing concept. This set is the first I've seen with a back-stab, which adds some variety. The coup de grâce and body on the floor are also appealing. Would like to see something like this with models in business attire.
from on 29/03/2016
Very impressive pictures,

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