SCR487 - Domination punching game - Renee vs Fiona

Sabrina's catfighting Room - SCR487 - This fantastic prolonged release and awesome domination role-play has two parts - featuring beutiful and slender models - Fiona and Renee. Fiona, dressed in fancy ninja costume, meets Renee, in tight-fitting leggins and leather bra. In the first part of the video - Renee dominates Fiona, having a total control over her foe. In the second part, Fiona could escape and the roles are changed. Now, Fiona dominates Renee. If you enjoy one-sided belly, breast and crotch attacks, slapping, handcuffed victim, kicking and hot acting with sexy moanings, then this video is definitive for you! Both women are punching and kicking each other all the way and in all positions. Both are enjoying this role-play and they want to attack sensitive areas. Finally, Fiona chokes Renee with a smother hold, letting her rival lying limp on the carpet! Just fantastic video with two beautiful women and fabulous domination role-play! Videopreview available below.



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Clip Duration - 27 min. 10 sec.


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Customer ratings for SCR487 - Domination punching game - Renee vs Fiona

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from on 11/09/2022
Some suggestive gun probing and knife brandishing have brief menace. The best thing in my opinion is where the fighting keeps those as usual props background and the contest for the main part becomes directly physical, particularly with the gut punches, chokings and cuntbusts (I did not see the need for either girl to cling on the gun when delivering fist and kick beatings, or sleeperholds). The beatings were sexy and satisfyingly evened out with no clear indication over who will triumph, just as I like it. The outfits and boots are fabulous (I especially love seeing Fiona looking like a Star Wars princess)

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