SCR539 - We fight until end - Tess vs Fiona - FULL HD

Sabrina's catfighting Room - SCR539 - Now in FULL HD available! It is just a "WOW" catfight - You will see here amazing, wild, non-stop crotch hitting and very nasty catfighting action! This catfight starts out with two hot-looking women – Fiona and Tess – in the corridor of their apartment and later goes into the kitchen, as they argue loudly in the room about their dresses. The ladies thoroughly provoked each other before the fight begins. As the catfight erupts nothing will stop them. Fiona and Tess, both really know how to catfight and they can take hard blows, using all dirty tactics in their arsenal to destroy the opponent. Hair-pulling, underarm chokehold, breasts punching, crotch kicking and stomping, wrestling on the ground, slapping, hard knees to the crotch, lsmotherholds, scissorholds, lower belly punching are the favorite tactics by both young women in this nasty catfight! Especially crotch attacks are really nasty in this catfight! A truly do not miss brawl featuring two dynamite catfighters in hot dresses in one room! Videopreview available below.



1080p FULL HD FORMAT: [ 1920 X 1080 ] - 925 MB

Clip Duration - 19 min. 04 sec.


Video Format: MP4, H. 264 Codec, ZIPPED



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Customer ratings for SCR539 - We fight until end - Tess vs Fiona - FULL HD

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Average rating: 5
Really great fight!
from on 27/08/2021
I do not know how the girls do that, but they battered in some scenes for real their breasts and crotches. My Respect for that action. 10 points! Absolutely recommended!

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