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Lexxi’s Game - HD

VAT including

Clip Time - 3 min. 58 sec.

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 4.5
from Anonymous on 20/05/2019
Great camera work and very good performance of Lexxi.
When she walks at the beginning, she looks very sexy. In my imagination, she is a bad girl who has received her due at the end.
I am the customer who commissioned the video and the author of the script. I am happy that this video has had good ratings :)
from Anonymous on 01/02/2017
4 stars she died well
from Anonymous on 03/10/2016
i would of givein 5 stars if she wase shot in the brest
Very good
from Anonymous on 10/07/2016
It is hot. Better she would get the bullet lower in the tummy and pressing the Hands harder into the wounded tummy.
I would like, she loses the high heels in the agony so you can see her bare feet.
5 star
from Anonymous on 25/02/2016
This is so hot. Gunfight with Lexxi is sexy. Blood on her shirt then trying to fight again was a perfect touch. Need more of these POV shootouts.
good, but poor production
from Anonymous on 27/06/2015
Your sexiest gun babe takes a bullet ! Great opening, and some (unrealistic) fake blood for once. A piece of paper under Lexxi (to stop the paint spoiling the carpet?) appears and suddenly disappears. Could have been much better production, but Lexxi looks amazing with guns!