3 toyknife fights – Emily vs Nastja – HD

Video collection - 3 videos in this release. Fight 1 - Fantasy special interest struggle and fantastic domination game where Emily and Nastja use a telescope toy knife, poking each other to their gorgeous bodies. Both beauties look superb in those outfits! Tight hotpants are perfect for these two girls. They turn the use of the toy knife into a fantastic show, combining toy knife attacks with hard punches and knee hits. For both girls, the entire body is considered a fair target, belly and breast is where the knife is used the most often. However, there are numerous excellent hits right between the legs on both girls as well. Each girl also brings her knee up between her opponent's legs and works on her crotch, mixing their knee attacks with hard breast, belly and crotch punches! Overall, these two put on an exceedingly seductive performance and look like they are enjoying themselves throughout the video.

Fight 2 - If apartment toy knife fighting is your wish, then this new release should whet your appetite. Emily and Nastja, dressed in spandex leotards, pantyhoses and ballet flats catfight over telescope toy knife on the couch. They strike each other with a toy, trying to land the hit into very sensitive areas of their bodies. Breast, belly and crotch area are the favorite targets for both ladies. There are numerous excellent fast thrusts to the breast, belly and below the belt on both girls as well. It is a fantastic mix of catfighting and slugging action, lots of punches and kicks landed to vulnerable places. Also crotch claw holds and breast grabbing are usual tactic by both fighters. OVER and OVER again both women use their telescope toy thrusting it into their tender regions definitely enjoying that unusual role-play.

Fight 3 - Emily and Nastja, two gorgeous girls, feature this exotic and unusual display of female combat. They fight, trying to gain the upper hand over the toy weapon, hitting each other with toy knife, and they perform wonderfully. Especially the breast and lower belly are the favorite targets for both ladies. However, there are numerous excellent fast knife thrusts to their sensitive areas. Each beauty also brings her knee up between the opponent's legs, repeatedly hitting vulnerable places, mixing their attacks with very hard belly and breast punches. OVER and OVER again both women use the toy weapon, thrusting it into opponent’s body, definitely enjoying that unusual role-play. If you like your girls stabbed with toy knife and also hard punched, then do not miss this special interest catfight!



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] - 600 MB

3 Videos in ZIP-File included - Total Duration - 29 min. 29 sec.


Video Format: MP4, H. 264 Codec, ZIPPED



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