Low blows struggle – Emily vs Nastja

Low blows struggle – Emily vs Nastja

Low blows and one-sided crop domination are the rules here in this private-commissioned struggle. Nastja punched, kicked, used crop and grabbed Emily’s sensitive areas, trying to destroy her during the brawl. Completely one-sided domination! Also crotch claw holds from the front are usual tactic by the Nastja. The combination of perfect hits and crop jabbing to the weakest parts of Emily’s body finally overwhelms her. Nastja dominates this struggle from the start to the finish and the fight ends by a knockout. Finally Nastja stomped her high heel right between Emily’s spreaded legs. The action in this image set is steady and exciting. Highly experienced catfighter Nastja turns in her usual great performance. Her unremitting attacks between Emily's legs is an excellent display of female destruction and domination! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Low blows struggle – Emily vs Nastja

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from Anonymous on 19/01/2017
Nastja and Emily put on an amazing show! Emily has never looked better than in the outfit she wears iin these pictures. WOW! And the action is intense! Nastja works her over hard. There is practically no technique she doens't use on Emily; and she makes very good use of that crop too!