Mixed Kickboxing

Mixed Kickboxing

In our first round of mixed kickboxing, you will be witness of great kicking and punching action. This is a fight that goes back and forth, with no clear winner until the end. Both fighters surprise each other with several unexpected attacks to the most sensitive areas. Plenty of wild action with punching, kicking and kneeling between the legs, belly busts and breasts hits.



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Clip Duration - 6 min. 07 sec.


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Fast action! (01/01/2015)
A mixed male-female kickboxing match featuring fast paced action which never stops! It is constant action from beginning to end. That is one gorgeous blonde and she looks so good in her orange aerobic thong outfit. It really shows her curves as she jabs and blocks. This fight allows anything and both combatants are free to hit from behind or below the belt. It is not one-sided action, but the beautiful blonde gets the worst of the fight. She is perfectly willing to engage in low blows (and does frequently), but her opponent not only does that to her but also targets her breasts as well! Every time she uses her arms to cover her breasts to stop them from being hit, her crotch is left undefended and promptly gets tagged...sometimes repeatedly. There is some nice kicking action and knee work, but for those who prefer battling sexy blondes, just seeing this girl in action is enough to check out the fight by itself. She has cool moves and a hot body!