Outdoor cowgirl gunfight – Liz vs Amelie and Vera

Outdoor cowgirl gunfight – Liz vs Amelie and Vera

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We are continuing our cowgirl gunfight series. The new part of cowgirl shootout and gunfighting image set featured on the one hand - beautiful newcomer Liz, attired in black body and ankle boots, armed with a rifle, and on the another two her cowgirl rivals - sexy Amelie, dressed in denim shorts, checkered shirt, fishnet pantyhose, cowboy hat and Vera, in denim shorts, corsage, ankle boots, black pantyhose and also hat. Both armed with handguns. The cowgirl duel takes place in an old fabric ruins, where no one can disturb them. Two against One duel – you think, it is a unfair game. Can Liz fights against two rivals at the same time? Check it out to see the final result! Amazing face expressions, action-packed shooting scenes and fantastic aoutdoor location that all will pleasantly surprised you! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.

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Selection: Outdoor cowgirl gunfight – Liz vs Amelie and Vera

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