Spy enemy attack Part III – Jillian vs Amelie – HD

This is a third part of special private-commissioned fight features beautiful Jillian and Amelie. As also in the previous parts, the battle between these two women - differently than expected - is full scripted and choreographed, combined with FX punching sounds and royalty free background music. Amelie is wearing black jacket uniform, black fishnet pantyhose, over knee boots and original spiked helmet. She is armed with a machine pistole, and she is protecting the camp. Everything seems to be in perfect but suddenly she was surprised by a sudden attack of Jillian, who wears black long-sleeved top, leather pants, fishnet pantyhose and high heels. Jillian quickly disarms Renee and both girls jump on each other, trying to eliminate the each other. This fight features face and belly punching, with added sound effects, tied up scenes on the ground and on the chair, knee hits, double arm chokeholds and machine gun shootings! Finally both beauties lying unmoving... what happens, well check it out to see the amazing end of this struggle. Fantastic scripted and choreographed spy movie with great sounds, fighting action and beautiful women! Preview videoclip available below.



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] - 248 MB

Clip Duration - 5 min. 36 sec.


Video Format: MP4, H.264 Codec, ZIPPED



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Customer ratings for Spy enemy attack Part III – Jillian vs Amelie – HD

Number of ratings: 1
Average rating: 5
very good. love the girls outfits
from on 06/02/2017
The fight was choreographed well and both ladies did a real good job!
Very cool outfits, especially from the guard, good roleplay and great sound effects.
I would like to have seen the helmet falling down during the battle.

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