Helpless Blanca vs Laura and Lexxi

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What a 2-on-1 bikni beatdown! This not a battle but a situation where Laura and Lexxi absolutely destroy her opponent - Blanca in one-sided slugging struggle. The catfight takes place in an outdoor setting by the swimming pool. All three beauties are hot dressed, wearing nothing as skin-tight modish biknis. This catfight features almost continuous 2-on-1 double-teaming and hard-hitting action, that Blanca literally gets knocked out cold from such one-sided asault! Punching and kicking to the breast, belly and between the legs, Blanca can only gasp in agony as Lexxi and Laura pound away at her voluptuous body. These action-packed images you won’t want to miss! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Helpless Blanca vs Laura and Lexxi

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Customer ratings for Helpless Blanca vs Laura and Lexxi

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Average rating: 5
from on 11/10/2017
This set is fantastic. Lexxi and Laura take Blanca apart. It's total destruction, with the breasts, belly, and crotch given a ferocious beating. Some of the images are just amazing.
Both girls seize Blanca. Then Laura holds her from behind while Lexxi attacks. Lexxi uses her fists on Blanca's belly and breasts. Then Lexxi delivers a fantastic knee to the crotch. It's done perfectly - an ideal blow placed right on target...and Lexxi's expression as she slams Blanca's weak spot shows she would make a great dominatrix!
The girls change position with Lexxi holding Blanca so Laura can pound her body. She does so with great vigor. Blanca's breasts and midsection feel the repeated impact of Laura's fists. However, Laura also attacks Blanca's crotch and uses a punch which is just as good as Lexxi's knee. It smashes against the center of Blanca's tight bikini bottom with unmitigated fury. Laura follows up with a powerful knee between the legs to continue demolishing the vulnerable feminine flesh as Lexxi holds Blanca helplessly in position and looks on with satisfaction.
Next Lexxi and Laura pull Blanca's arms all the way out to full extension and continue to pulverize their opponent. Lexxi starts off with a hard kick to Blanca's midsection. This doubles Blanca over. Both girls keep Blanca's arms extended as Laura moves in from the right and lands a savage knee to the midsection; then Lexxi moves in from the left with another devastating knee to the midsection. You can practically hear Blanca's ribs breaking from the blows.
Both girls force Blanca to lay on a lounger and renew their attack. Laura holds Blanca down while Lexxi uses her fists, feet, and elbows to continue demolishing the midsection.
These three girls make an awesome catfighting team, and they look superb in those tight bikinis. It's a great set to see the powerful Lexxi and Laura totally destroy beautiful Blanca with slow and erotic catfighting techniques. Great choreography and photography. Kudos to all three girls!

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