Villa Attack – Renee, Laura, Blanca and Lexxi – HD

This exciting and action packed gunbattle with four beauties – Blanca, Lexxi, Renee and Laura - is one movie no fan should be without! It is a next part of our full FX special effects and professional sound-edited - ACTION VIDEOCLIPS. If you liked our formerly produced fantasy outdoor gunfights, like – Escape from druids, Clone attacks, Capture the Flag, Last Women Standing, Danger package, Gangster War and more other.- you definitely must add this one to your collection. This movie has a great story plot featuring plenty of fast machine gun shootouts, handgranate explosion and handgun shootouts wonderfull performed by the girls, with only one winner at the end. The gunfight is sound-edited with gun sounds and dramatic background music. There are also lots of FX special effects: granate explosion, bullet tracing effects, impacts and muzzle flashes. The action here went non-stop and and very fast, this is one action-packed movie you won’t want to miss!



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] (99 MB)

Clip Duration - 04 min. 13 sec.


Video Format: MP.4 - H.264 CODEC, ZIPPED


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Customer ratings for Villa Attack – Renee, Laura, Blanca and Lexxi – HD

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Average rating: 5
Exellent, Fantastic!!!
from on 01/07/2017
Four girls total, 3 deaths, two by machine gun and 1 by single shot weapon (laser?). Great camera angles, beautiful outdoor setting and very innovative direction. All the ladies were terrific, but Laura once again really shined as the "assassin". Very sexy video and one I strongly recommend for any MG lovers or for those who like a nice scenario to surround their shoot out videos. WONDERFUL. I loved this one. More more more!!!