Bikini catfight in swimming pool – Laura vs Blanca

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What happens when disputes between two beautiful women occur, while they sunbathing by the swimming pool, it turns surely in a fierce and down-and-dirty catfight in the water! A bitter catfight between two bathers: Blanca is swimming on an air mattress, wearing a blue skin-tight fitting bikini, has to absorb a lot of punishment at the beginning from slender Laura, attired in very skimpy pink bikini. But Blanca fights back, giving her opponent a bout to remember. Once in the water both women exploded in anger – breasts and bellies are wildly punched and crotches are battered by knees, clenched fists and even ping-pong paddle! We can be curious of who will win this catfight. So just relax and watch - as these gorgeous bikini clad women do battle in the water to the ultimate finish. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Bikini catfight in swimming pool – Laura vs Blanca

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