Unequal bikini struggle – Lexxi vs Laura and Blanca

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Enjoy this new super thrilling unequal 2-on-1 bikini struggle by the swimming pool. Lexxi, dressed in white tiny skin-tight bikinis, takes on Laura, in red polka-dot bikinis and Blanca, in blue bikinis. Fists and knees are the main weapons in this fight, and some amazingly good arm holds and high heel kicks that are more than a little persistent. All three sun tanned beauties are so hot it is unbelievable! Their tight bikinis shows off their entire magnificent bodies at its most stunning. The catfight starts off as Laura and Blanca jump on Lexxi. Lexxi tries to fight back, but has no chance against both super ladies. Face punching, amazing breast and belly punching, knee between the legs and crotch hitting, underarm chokeholds – all here, in this fantastic outdoor catfight. The sunny day and swimming pool location - the best place of the amazing fight as Blanca and Laura slowly take Lexxi apart. If you are a fan of Lexxi, Blanca or Laura, or if you just like hot bikini clad women catfighting, you must have this image set! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Unequal bikini struggle – Lexxi vs Laura and Blanca

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Customer ratings for Unequal bikini struggle – Lexxi vs Laura and Blanca

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from on 11/10/2017
Awesome breast busting action here! Lexxi is totally demolished by Blanca and Laura. They attack all her weak places, but the breasts really get a pounding. What's even better is Lexxi is wearing a very tight white bikini that outlines her breasts and female mound perfectly, making them into very inviting targets. It's an invitation Blanca and Laura do not resist.
Blanca holds Lexxi from behind so Laura can work on her. Laura begins by choking Lexxi, then gives her a powerful knee to the crotch. Blanca continues holding Lexxi from behind as Laura goes to work on the breasts with her fists. Lexxi gets free and counterattacks. She gives each girl a devastating blow between the legs. Blanca receives a beautifully expert knee to her crotch, while Laura gets a spike heel jab.
Blanca then seizes Lexxi from behind and holds her so Laura can work her over. Laura immediately goes after the most vulnerable area, giving Lexxi a powerful kick to the beautifully defined feminine mound between her legs. Then she delivers some hard blows to the face, and absolutely pounds the breasts.
Next both girls lock up Lexxi's arms behind her back. Laura holds Lexxi tightly so Blanca can attack.
The sequence of photos which follows are some of the best breast busting images ever done. Lexxi is held tightly with her breasts thrust forward in front of her, looking fearfully at Blanca, who has a fist cocked and a fierce expression on her face. Blanca then rams her fist into the left breast, and the image sequence shows the breast bouncing upward as the fist is driven in hard; Lexxi's expression as the effect hits her, and Blanca's fury as she drives the punch home. The final image is Lexxi screaming as the fist is still jammed into her breast, Blanca's look for fighting rage, and Laura looking on with satisfaction as she holds Lexxi captive. Lexxi's bikini bottom does its best duty here too, showing her womanhood bulging with excitement in the tight fabric - absolutely magnificent photos!
The end of the fight has both Blanca and Laura holding Lexxi from behind as she sits in a chair, slowly crushing her beautiful breasts against the top of a table, then knocking her out with blows from behind.
All three girls give an outstanding performance, the photo work is spectacular, and their outfits are unbelievably sexy! It's hard to decide who has the tightest bikini - all three girls show off their gorgeous buns and the curve of their womanhood to maximum erotic effect. This set is great both for catfighting action or just for beautiful models in bikinis.

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