Jillian is under attack – HD

This private-commissioned fantastic POV shootout with beautiful Jillian features 3 separate toy gunbattle scenes. Jillian dressed white and shiny high waist leggings, over knee boots and black long-sleeved top. Her make-up and hair style are just perfect and she is armed with a handgun. In all three scenes Jillian fights against invisible attackers. This prolonged movie has no visual effects but it is sound-edited and has great music and background sounds! Not only sound effects make this movie fantastic, but also Jillians’s acting and expressions are just phenomenal. In all these short scenes Jillian has been shot in her belly, falling face down on the ground or over the couch, also writhing and groaning in pain, showing us her curvy body as well as amazing close up views of her buttocks, her beautiful face with open eyes and shapely legs. Fantastic fantasy role-playing with writhing and shooting scenes, sounds effects and amazing body views.



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] (200 MB)

Clip Duration - 09 min. 49 sec.


Video Format: MP4. H.264 CODEC, ZIPPED


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Customer ratings for Jillian is under attack – HD

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 4
from on 04/06/2017
So sexy!!
from on 27/10/2016
I really don't like the limp and getting shot thing but Jillian still looks soo sexy in her shiny white leggings and high heel boots. This has to be the sexiest clothes and look ever on a girl on this site. <3

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