SCR777-78 - Gunfighting Role-plays - Maya vs Jillian - FULL HD

Sabrina's catfighting Room - SCR777 and SCR778 - Now in FULL HD available! Here comes the double release - First video: Spectacular fantasy shooting showdown between two stunning women, Jillian and Maya, clad in figure-hugging denim shorts and tops. In this fantasy shooting role-play, we follow the intense encounters between two beautiful women, Maya and Jillian. The action is filled with toy gun shooting scenes, where Jillian engages in one-sided combat with Maya in different rooms of their apartment. Jillian shoots Maya from her toygun in very sensitive areas - breast, belly and even below the belt. The tension escalates as Jillian wakes Maya up only to engage in another round of combat, adding an element of surprise to each encounter. This repeated cycle adds a thrilling dynamic to their skirmishes and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. If you have enjoyed our previous fantasy shootouts featuring fierce female combat, this action-packed role-play will surely captivate you. This video has been meticulously sound-designed using a collection of royalty-free sounds, that every auditory element is carefully chosen to complement the visual content.

Second Video: Fantasy POV toygun shooting role-play with our beautiful models - Jillian and Maya, clad in figure-hugging denim shorts and tops. You will see here lots of machine gunned shooting action in various rooms and situations - both armed beauties have been attacked by third person. Also lots of POV shooting and gun fighting scenes between these women. If you already watched our previos fantasy machinegunned action role-plays, you know what happens here. Enjoy this exciting video with beautiful gunfighters. This action video is sound-designed only with amazing gun sounds and dramatic background music!
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1080p FULL HD FORMAT: [ 1920 X 1080 ] - 1040 MB

Clip Duration - 10 min. 38 sec.

Clip Duration - 9 min. 46 sec.


Video Format: MP4, H. 264 Codec, ZIPPED



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