Fencing brawl - Mia vs Olga

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New fantasy rapier fencing duel with our beautiful women - Mia and Olga. We see Mia in gold tight shiny pants, black boots over knees and fishnet top takes on blonde Olga in violet tight shiny pants, boots and corsage. Both combatants are quick with their rapiers and vast in their knowledge of the places where to hit. These duelling women display their quickness with a series of well-placed hits into each other's breast, belly and even crotch area. The shiny pants make both women look very gorgeous, showing off their beuatiful curves. Another great fantasy fencing battle featuring two gorgeous women! This set is also available in a large version - 3500x2333 pixels.



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Selection: Fencing brawl - Mia vs Olga

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from on 31/01/2016
Mia and Olga both look at their hottest in these outfits! Skin tight pants, black boots, beautiful hair and wonderful tops. The moves they use are ideal for showing off their perfect bodies. Olga is the first to get nasty in this fight, jabbing Mia in the breast with her blade. Mia soon returns the gesture even more dramatically, giving Olga a really good kick to the crotch with her foot all the way through her opponents legs, followed by a swat with her blade right on Olga's female cleft! Next Mia uses some blade jabs to the breasts and belly, along with a stunning front kick to Olga's womanhood. Olga responds with a punch to Mia's face. After that both girls use their blades to repeatedly jab the breasts and crotch until finally Olga goes down. Mia continues to attack until her opponent is completely out. This is a superb series of pictures