Boxing in mini skirts - Maya vs Vera

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Exciting boxing match in mini skirts and fishnet pantyhoses in an apartment setting! This is a very tough and dirty boxing match, with both women dressed very ravishing. Fighter Vera takes on Maya. The action is ferocious, and it looks like either woman may win before the end. Both fighers give and receive a stupendous beating. Although each boxer delivers many different blows and both women are severely battered before the battle ends. Lots of face, breast and belly punching here, but there are also dirty action in the fight with tons of awesome crotch slugs. This boxing match features all-out destruction between these two gorgeous boxers. Enjoy fantastic punching and kicking action with women in mini skirts, stockings and high heels. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 94 images


Selection: Boxing in mini skirts - Maya vs Vera

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