Maya, Tess and Renee are under attack

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Our beautiful models - Maya, Renee and Tess, dressed in mini skirts, white blouses and pantyhoses are under gun and arrow attacks. This fantasy private-commissioned and special interest role-play divided in two parts. In the first part of this image set all three women have been surprised by invisible attacker. They stand at the wall as they have been machine gunned. Finally, they slide down the wall and rest in very exciting positions. The second part of the image set has the same story, but this time they have been shot by arrows. They hold arrows in various open and vulnerable position in stand and finally lying down with arrows on the ground. Definitely recommended for anyone who likes to see beautiful women in trouble! If you like your images quite different, then this one is for you! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



1450x967 pixels (zipped file - 21 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 95 images


Selection: Maya, Tess and Renee are under attack

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