2-on-2 cowgirl duel – Stella, Lexxi vs Irene, Laura – HD

We are launching a next part of new cowgirl shootout series entitled „Cowgirl gunfights“. This time we have tag-team 2-on-2 gunduel. On the one hand, two blondes – Irene and Laura, attired in denim jeans, shorts and cowboy hats, and on the another side sexy Stella, dressed in black mini skirt overknee boots and cowboy hat and gorgeous Lexxi, in black evening dress, over knee boots and also cowboy hat. The gunfight starts with all four cowgirls looking into each other’s eyes, waiting nervously who will first pull out the gun from the holster. Then - Bang! Bang! Bang! Wildly shootout begins between all four ladies. Who will win this gunduel, check it out and be surprised! Amazing 2-on-2 cowgirl duel with fantastic sound effects and very dramatic western background music. Beautiful acting from all ladies and very cool FX-special effects, like muzzle flashes and body impacts. All this highlights this terrific video. Just must have for your gun duel collection!



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Clip Duration - 04 min. 23 sec.


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Customer ratings for 2-on-2 cowgirl duel – Stella, Lexxi vs Irene, Laura – HD

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 5
Excellent sexy shootout!
from on 09/03/2017
Great vid, very sexy, slightly marred(or enhanced maybe?) by the barely suppressed smirk from Stella near the beginning. It must be funny making these films!
how about a few wounds and fake blood to make them more realistic?? (nothing too gory)
from on 08/03/2017
Beautiful girls who look stunning. Good deaths and fight shown from different angles was good. Excellent video work. Perhaps a little more facial expression after shot. Also perhaps better if the last to die occurred straight after the other two. I know your models don't speak but have you thought of them using their own language and having subtitles?
5 Sterne für die hübschen Cowgirls
from on 01/03/2017
Es gehört zu den besten Gunfights. Die Mädchen sind unglaublich sexy. Sie ziehen die Waffen sexy und sie sterben sexy. Ich liebe es. Bitte weitermachen.
Einzig der Raum turnt ab. Diese Sporthalle ist für Gunfights nicht geeignet. Lieber draußen in der Natur. Dort stirbt es sich geiler.

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