Three duels – Jillian, Laura and Sabrina

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For those of you that like fantasy fencing, telescope toy knifes and swordfighting - here is it again. This private-commissioned two-on-one and each against each fight brings to you – Sabrina, Laura and Jillian. The image set is divided into three parts. All fighters are dressed in hot bikinis, swimsuits, heels and boots. In the first part, the fight starts immediately as Sabrina thrusts her toy telescope knife into Laura’s belly and then attacking Jillian, who was armed with katana sword. In the second part of the set Laura and Jillian are fencing with rapiers as suddenly Sabrina attacks both with her toyknife. Finally they all are lying unmoving on the ground and on the couch. In the last part of the set, Laura attacks Jillian and Sabrina with a katana sword, attacking both girls with it, but she was surprised by suddenly Jillian’s counterattack. And again all three bikini clad beauties are lying limp on the ground in various positions. Amazing fencing action, dramatically face expressions, great sword and toy knife attacks, professional hair-style and make-up by all women will make you want to watch this image set over and over again, just to make sure you didn't miss anything. This fantasy fight will definitely not want to miss and must in your collection! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Three duels – Jillian, Laura and Sabrina

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Terrific trio of stabbings
from on 18/06/2019
The lovely models in stunning swimsuits perform three duels in which everyone loses each time. Great staging on sparse background