Sword and Knife fight – Fiona vs Zoe

(Resolution: High Resolution)

Knife fight and sword duel in one image set between Zoe and Fiona! They look fantastic in those hot-looking outfits and the deadly action here is very exciting! Both beauties fight with their weapons severely and they can't resist using foul tactics. Fiona and Zoe also make good use of their knifes and swords, thrusting the weapons many times into the rival's body. The sexy outfits make both women look very gorgeous, showing off their beautiful curves. Awesomely two destructive weapon fights for your collection, featuring models - Fiona and Zoe!

As a BONUS - we also added a Making OF video of this image set in FULL-HD resolution - 11 min. 17 sec.

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3504x2366 pixels (zipped file - 690 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 146 images

Bonus - Making OF VIDEO -
FULL HD (1920x1080 resolution)

Duration - 11 min. 17 sec.


Selection: Sword and Knife fight – Fiona vs Zoe

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