Spy enemy attack Part IV – Jillian vs Darcy, Amelie – FULL HD

This is a forth part of a special private-commissioned fight. Now in FULL HD Resolution. This scripted battle features beautiful spy Jillian, dressed in yellow dress, and the prison guards - Amelie and Darcy. The fight between these three women - differently than expected - is full scripted and choreographed, combined with FX punching sounds and royalty free background music. Both prison guards are wearing black jacket uniforms, shiny leggings, over knee boots and original spiked helmets, they armed with weapons and their goal is to escort Jillian to another prison camp, but Jillian could escape! This fight features lots of face and belly punching with added sound effects, 2-on1 beating, knee hits, chokeholds and smotherholds from all girls. The action takes place in an old fabric ruins where Jillian has been escorted by armed guards, but soon Jillian could break her handcuffs and attack both guards. The brawl goes back and forth, untill Jillian knocks both guards out, leaving them lying on the ground and cement wall and finally escape. Fantastic scripted and choreographed spy movie with great sound effects and beautiful women. If you liked our previous releases, then this one must in your collection!



1080p HD FORMAT: [ 1920 X 1080 ] - 430 MB

Clip Duration - 8 min. 30 sec.


Video Format: MP4, H.264 Codec, ZIPPED


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from on 02/10/2017
Loving this Spy Enemy Attack series, this is the best of them so far and i really hope there is more to come!

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