Silent assassin Renee – Tess vs Renee

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What a fantastic story and fantasy shooting role-play! The action takes place by the swimming pool in the luxury villa. Gorgeous Renee, dressed in white shirt and jeans, is a special agent and she has a order to capture our beautiful gangster girl – Tess, in fact „dead or alive“ mission. Armed with a handgun, Renee breaks in the villa garden and hides herself in the swimming pool water, waiting for the perfect moment for her deadly attack. Tess, dressed in skin-tight bikinis is resting by the swimming pool, enjoying the sun and relaxing in the sunchair. What a mistake! Renee surprised Tess – after short shootout between these two women, Renee gains the upper hand, finishing her job with deadly impact! A truly don't miss and unique action featuring two sexy looking ladiey in hot outfits! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Silent assassin Renee – Tess vs Renee

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