Wrestling Clash - Blanca vs Darsy

Wrestling Clash - Blanca vs Darsy

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Competitive wrestling match between Blanca, in yellow leotard, black pants, flats, and Darsy in lycra top, high waist elastic leggings and flats. This wrestling match offers a lot of what you want - leglocks, ankle holds, chokeholds, neckholds, arm twisting, scissorholds, pinholds on the ground and more great another submission holds. The fight goes back and forth, both getting very close finish holds then escapes. Finally our skilled fighter Blanca gains the upper hand, pinning Darsy on the ground. At the end Blanca places her foot on Darsy's belly in a victory pose. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Wrestling Clash - Blanca vs Darsy

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from on 31/10/2014
Darcy and Blanca - two of my favourites! Especially in skin tight shiny outfits. They should however be wearing high heels.