Punching and Kicking Sparring - Lexxi vs Stella - HD

This clip features great kick- and boxing action between - Lexxi and Stella - with many belly punching and crotch kicking. Both women wear shiny pants, and protective gloves. The sparring begins with punching exercises into opponent's gloves. They really enjoy to receive and give punches and kicks to their well-trained bodies, so they stand in many stances wide open, receiving hits to their bodies. They punch and kick one after another, hitting opponent's belly and below the belt. These two women look awesome in their skin-tight outfits that show off all the feminine curves nicely, combined with great punching and kicking action!

Belly punching and Crotch kicking match between two fitness beauties - Lexxi and Stella -. The gorgeous Lexxi looks very hot in her yellow bikini bottom, tight fitting fitness top and pantyhose, just like her opponet young Stella, in pink bikini bottom, top and pantyhose. Both fitness girls take a great pleasure in beating each other, slugging one after another, sending barrage of blows to the opponents belly and between the legs! If your looking for belly punching and crotch kicking match between two gorgeous women, then this is your clip!

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Clip Duration - 12 min. 28 sec.


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Nice fight
from on 08/06/2016
I liked it, nice punching and kicking!

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