Amazon vs Gangster – Blanca vs Lexxi

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Incredibly dynamic and wild fight between Lexxi and Blanca. Lexxi is a amazon, armed with bow and arrows. Blanca is a gangster, who armed with a gun. This fight takes a place at the swimming pool location and features numerous extreme fighting techniques as well as some of the hottest action imaginable. The fighting story begins as Blanca sunbathing on the sun lounger as Lexxi tries to shoot her from the bow. But the arrow missed the target and immediately Blanca jumps on Lexxi. They punch, kick and use weapons to slug each other. These women born wild and they use every part of their bodies with no punches barred. After long fight at the poolside, Blanca grabs the gun shooting her opponent down! For all lovers of fierce and raw fighting, here at last is your ultimate battling fantasy. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Amazon vs Gangster – Blanca vs Lexxi

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