Catfight in the swimming pool – Lexxi vs Renee

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This is super thrilling catfighting in the swimming pool at it’s best! Lexxi and Renee put on one of the most exciting fights ever. Fists are the main weapons, although there are also elbows, kicks in the water, and some amazingly good chokeholds that are more than a little persistent. Both sun tanned beauties are so hot it is unbelievable! Their tight bikinis shows off their entire magnificent bodies at its most stunning. The catfight starts off as Lexxi shoots Renee from her water pistol. Renee quickly jumps in the water and the fierce brawl begins. Hair-pulling, face punching, belly punching, crotch attacks, breast punching and chokeholds – all here, in this fantastic catfight. The sunny day and swimming pool location - the best place of the amazing fight as both women slowly take each other apart. If you are a fan of either Lexxi or Renee, or if you just like hot bikini clad women in pool water catfighting, you must have this image set! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Catfight in the swimming pool – Lexxi vs Renee

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