Bet on win – Renee, Tess, Alisha and Zoe

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Bet on win" - is another exciting struggle in the studio, or to be more exact - anything-goes and down-and-dirty fight. It starts out with four beauties discussing and betting on one fighter who will win in the battle. The bets are placed and the fight go. It turns into a furious one-on-one fight, where all things are allowed! Belly punching, knee hits, face punching, one-on-one fighting, wrestling and plain catfighting – all here. Just a non-stop action and there is no mercy for the opponent. Each fighter is battered and dominated by another. A wild catfight with four gorgeous ladies in one room – who can give the most and who will end up standing? Without any doubt, must have for all catfighting fans!

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Selection: Bet on win – Renee, Tess, Alisha and Zoe

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