Crotch kicking catfight - Marta vs Nastja - HD

The private-commissioned apartment catfight between two beauties - Marta and Nastja. This fight has special rules - only crotch kicking are allowed!!! There is nothing pulled or faked in this down and dirty fight! Kick by Kick, both ladies pound each other between the legs without mercy. We filmed this battle with two cameras and you will see some incredible "full-force" kicking during the fight. Many blows landed hard and well-aimed and we are sure that this the most awesome down-and-dirty kicking clip we ever filmed. You will be amazed by power of the kicks and sounds of the impacts! Added to this is the fact that both are very nicely dressed. Nastja, in shiny skin-tight leggings and a long-sleeved black top, Marta dressed in denim hotpants and shirt, both are barefeet.



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Clip Duration - 9 min. 15 sec.


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Great busting action!
from on 01/01/2015
If someone wanted to make a demonstration video to teach catfighters how to bust a woman's crotch, this would be it! Marta and Nastja both have great outfits for this video; Marta in very short denim shorts, and Nastja in tight black pants. Each woman confines her attack almost exclusively to her opponent's crotch. Most of the attacks are kicks, but each woman uses her knee as well, and there is even some action with the foot slowly digging into the feminine flesh. Although they are giving a demonstration, there are some impressive smacking sounds as the kicks land with perhaps more power than intended. Each woman has her groin kicked from numerous positions, and the filming is outstanding. You can see each woman being kicked from the front, side and rear. Quite a number of the kicks are delivered all the way between the legs, impacting along the full length of the female cleft for maximum effect. A few times Nastja even kicks Marta's crotch from behind. Both women do a great job, but Marta is exceptionally masterful in her provocative poses. She knows just how to lean back on the couch with her legs spread wide while thrusting her pelvic area up, giving Nastja a perfect target, while also making herself look exceedingly sexy. Marta is GREAT at hot posing! Nastja has her own talents however, and apparently is able to withstand a considerable amount of pain to her crotch. Several times Marta lands fairly solid kicks directly between Nastja's legs, and while it affects her, she remains upright and ready to take more. In fact, both of these catfighters spend most of the time with their legs spread wide, ready to accept all the impacts they can. The entire video is one of exceptionally good crotch kicking action between two beauties.

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