Cosplay fencing – Amelie vs Laura

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By popular demand, we offer a new fantasy rapier fencing duel between our beautiful duelists - Amelie and Laura. This time it is cosplay fencing battle. Laura, dressed in black ninja costume takes on Amelie, attired in sexy devilish red shiny latex outfit and overknee boots. Both fighters attacked at whatever sensitive parts of their bodies, and it made no difference for them to thrust the swords into opponent's breast, belly or even below the belt, because only victory counts! They also make good use of their fists and legs, hitting each other repeatedly and landing many blows to sensitive areas. It is a fantastic mix of fencing action and hand combat, until one winner triumphs over beaten loser, or maybe there is no winner in this struggle? Check it out and be surprised! Another outstanding fantasy fencing duel with gorgeous ladies and sexy costumes! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 99 images


Selection: Cosplay fencing – Amelie vs Laura

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