Fantasy Toyknife Catfight HD

This is our next fantasy special interest clip with great catfighting action where both woman - Lara and Olga - using a telescope toyknife trying to hit each other to the most sensitive places. Especially the breast area and belly are favorite targets for both girls, but also lower regions have been slugged with a toyknife. Olga wears gold skin-tight pants, corsage and black overknee boots, Lara in short tight fitting dress, pantyhose and high heels. Breast, belly, back, buttocks, lower belly and legs have been hit many times with a telescope toyknife. Great fantasy catfighting action with a telescope toyknife you won't want to miss.



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Clip Duration - 6 min. 12 sec.


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Customer ratings for Fantasy Toyknife Catfight HD

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Nice action and HOT girls!
from on 21/12/2014
This is a great toy knife video with some beautiful girls. Lara and Olga are both excellent at this kind of thing, and they perform wonderfully. Olga looks fantastic in tight gold pants, green top, and thigh high boots. Both of these girls are highly experienced catfighters and it shows in this outstanding performance. Their moves with the toy knife are nicely dramatic, including slow penetrations and deliberate positioning of the opponent. Lara dominates through most of the conflict, stabbing Olga all over the body, although the belly a prime target. Olga gets her chance to dominate when she has Lara stretched out on an exam table. She proceeds to use the toy knife to attack all the sensitive parts of Lara's body, deliberately stabbing her belly, breasts, and crotch with slow, precise movements. The fight ends with Olga in a chair being stabbed by Lara, who uses some nice moves on her. These two girls really know how to put on a show!