Camp Under Attack Part 3 - HD

CAMP UNDER ATTACK PART 3 is our next part of full edited - ACTION CLIPS - series. If you liked our fantasy gunfight clips - Camp under attack Part1 and part 2, Danger package, Fire Free and Gangster War - you also will love this part. Marta, Lara and Inga are base camp guards. Like in our previous parts, they will be attacked by invisible shooters. These beautiful women shoot back. You will see Lots of machine gun fire and great sound effects... till deadly end! First, Lara has been shot with lots of "digital bullets" into her breast and she slowly slided down on the barricades! Then, beautiful Inga got "bullets" into her breast and belly. At least, Marta has been catched right into her breast and belly area...This clip features lots of great FX special effects, muzzle flashes, digital blood splats and royalty free background sounds. This clip went non-stop and full of action. FX-Special Effects and Background Sounds.



1280p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] (90 MB)

Clip Duration - 5 min. 43 sec.


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Very Good, great potential
from on 24/02/2013
I really like the Camp Under Attack series and I feel each entry is a notch better than the one before. The girls are very pretty and look extremely sexy with their guns. Even though it looks like machine gun action, when the girls get shot they react more like it is individual shots hitting them and not fully automatic. However, there is a scene near the end when the dead bodies a riddled by a full auto burst and all 3 girls do a great job of shaking. I can't wait for the next one!