2 vs 1 punching - Olga vs Lara and Inga

2 vs 1 punching - Olga vs Lara and Inga

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"Two versus One" bikini belly punching battle now also as a image set available. Olga, Lara and Inga engaged in a battle of outstanding breast, belly and crotch punching destruction! You will see a classic 2 against 1 slugging catfight with one girl permanently holding tightly opponent arms behind her back, as another beauty punches and kicks the vulnerable victim. The action is ferocious and continuous, with constant blows to the belly, breast and even crotch area. These two girls really use their hands, feet and knees beautifully to destroy gorgeous Olga in this outstanding two versus one slugging catfight. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.




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Selection: 2 vs 1 punching - Olga vs Lara and Inga

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Customer ratings for 2 vs 1 punching - Olga vs Lara and Inga

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from Anonymous on 08/01/2013
OUTSTANGING image set with superb catfighters Lara, Inga and Olga looking very sexy in their tight outfits. From beginning to end, this is some of the most incredible erotic destruction imaginable. This is a one-sided beating with Lara and Inga working over Olga’s beautiful body in some white-hot catfighting. Olga has no chance in this battle. One woman holds her steady in a painful position so she is completely exposed to attack. At the same time, the other woman applies a fierce beating which is targeted almost entirely on the key areas of the female body. Before they are done with her, all of Olga’s most delicate places are destroyed. In the first part of the action Lara holds Olga from behind while Inga works over her body. Inga specifically attacks the breasts, belly and crotch with repeated punches, kicks, and knees, bashing each weak spot to an incredible extent and doing severe damage to all of them. Lara watches from behind, often with an expression of vicious delight as Olga’s most sensitive places are being brutally beaten by the experienced catfighter Inga. When Inga is finished they change places, with Inga holding Olga and giving Lara a chance to attack her. Lara shows real enjoyment as she continues the assault on Olga’s most sensitive areas, punching, kicking, and using her elbows to pound the three prime targets, as well as giving an occasional punch to the face. Olga is gradually beaten to her knees. Lara continues to attack, aided by Inga applying a chokehold. They knock Olga unconscious and then both assault her together, becoming even more ferocious, attacking her vulnerable areas until each is demolished. Throughout the fight Lara and Inga are excellent, showing real satisfaction as they are taking Olga apart. For her part, Olga is fantastic, using excellent expressions to highlight the action. And the action itself is amazing! This image set depicts some phenomenal damage applied to Olga’s gorgeous breasts, which receive a large number of shattering blows. However, the belly also gets a fantastic beating – solid punches and kicks. The constant attacks used on Olga’s crotch are exceptional as well; non-stop punches, kicks, knees, and stomps until Inga and Lara demolish her womanhood. This is really a super-sexy image set. The very tough and beautiful catfighter Olga is methodically and erotically pulverized by her two fierce opponent and she can do nothing to stop them. Unbelievably good pictures of a two-on-one battle of total destruction – it is one of the best of its kind!