Models Gunbattle – Elena, Vicky, Renee, Laura

We are proud to present you our brand new fantasy gunbattle with our four models – Elena, Vicky, Renee and Laura. This shootout is just amazing, we engaged a professional sound designer to edit this clip and the results are fantastic. We have chosen not to place any visual effects in this clip, like muzzle flashes or body impacts, because the sound expressions and emotions in this clip are not of this world. Get your own impression of this shootout, finally all four beauties have been shot by invisible gunman, lying unmoving on the ground.



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Clip Duration - 04 min.


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Customer ratings for Models Gunbattle – Elena, Vicky, Renee, Laura

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 3.7
from on 04/06/2015
Please put the super sexy Laura in those silver leggings again and in more dangerous adventures! I think I'm in love!
White/silver leggings girl!
from on 04/06/2015
Woooow! That girl looks soooo sexy in her white/silver skintight leggings and high heels! Very hot to see her in danger like that. However, and I have seen this before on another girl in leggings here, the leggings should ALWAYS be pulled up to the max, so the "camel toe" is clearly visible. Also, more from behind and the side perspectives should be visible. Last but not least, please don't spoil who gets shot in the promo pictures.
Good concept, could have been executed better
from on 28/05/2015
The concept of multiple models being attacked from a first-person shooter point-of-view is fantastic. Good shooting sound effects but also with music that is distracting. Two of the models do not fall all the way to the floor, but instead defy gravity by leaning against the wall. I would love to see this idea applied to unarmed secretaries in an office, with no music. Just models in skirts and heels being shot by an attacker with a silencer, then pans of the bodies on the floor.