Down-and-Dirty Struggle – Nastja vs Marta

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Another prolonged and very exciting down-and-dirty catfight between Marta and Nastja. Marta in purple shiny leggings, over knee stiletto boots and black latex corsage hooks up with Nastja, in violet pants and golden top. Both beauties look extremely gorgeous in these shiny outfits and anything is considered fair game, especially targeting the area between opponent’s legs seems to be a goal for both fighters. Fantastic combination of wrestling holds, claw holds, breast attacks and numerous slugs between the legs highlight this furious catfight. The fight goes back and forth with each woman taking a prolonged beating to her tender and sensitive parts! This is a definitely a set for fans of Marta and Nastja, or for anyone who wants to see hot women truly demolishing each other! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Down-and-Dirty Struggle – Nastja vs Marta

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from on 23/10/2017
Marta and Nastja are two of the more experienced catfighters here, and it really shows. They are so gorgeous in those tight outfits. And they are super skilled! Each of them has a long record of catfighting and they both know exactly what targets to attack, and how to do the most damage. There are some furious punches delivered to breasts,and severe crotch kicks. It looks like they are taking each other apart. What an awesome fight! Definitely worth getting if you like Marta or Nastja.