Brawling GYM girls - Laura vs Olesia

Brawling GYM girls - Laura vs Olesia

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Incredibly dynamic and vicious catfight between beautiful newcomer model - Laura, and gorgeous Olesia! This fight takes a place in a aerobic room and features numerous extreme techniques as well as some of the hottest slugging action imaginable. Both women start off with some stretching exercises in front of the mirror, following with grappling and hitting, but end up trying their hardest to demolish their opponent’s well-formed bodies; and both nearly succeed! Besides the attacks between the legs, face and belly punches, painful wrestling holds, some other ferociously stomps and hits are used to sensitive parts of the body, including a fantastic attack to the breasts. And added to this is the fact that both Laura and Olesia are dressed in skin-tight aerobic thong outfits, showing off their curvy legs and great buns! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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from on 29/04/2013
Beautiful girls wearing spandex and fighting is always a treat. Even better is the excellent photography at high resolution and sharpness. Lighting is particularly difficult in front of mirrors, but this set pulls it off well. The girls act the parts nicely.