Dirty fight in jeans between Tess and Renee

(Resolution: Standard Resolution)

Now comes an intense catfight between beautiful women - Tess and Renee. Attired in denim jeans, leather jackets and white tops that barely cover their flat bellies, both fighters jump on each other with fury and no mercy for the opponent. You will see quite soon that this is a real catfight as these two blondes don’t like to lose. Nasty hair-pullings, hard belly punches, knee to the crotch, crotch punching, painful chokeholds, high heel crotch stomping, various wrestling holds, breast punching and grabbing and punching below the belt highlight this fantastic no-rules catfight. A serie of hard crotch punches combined with crotch kick destroys one beauty in a matter of seconds. What a violent and sexy end comes when one girl dominates another. A real catfight of pretty and talented women that must make part of your collection.

As a BONUS - we also added a Making off video in FULL-HD. (ONLY AVAILABLE IN HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGE SET).
This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 135 images


Selection: Dirty fight in jeans between Tess and Renee

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