Sudden knife attacks - Alisha vs Zoe

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This is a must have image set for whom who wants to see different situations where one beauty attacks another with her telescopic toy knife. This prolonged image set with total - 368 Images features plenty short image stories, they are based on private-commissioned script and takes place in an indoor setting in the studio. The lovely Zoe, in black dress has it out with our beautiful Alisha who wears red latex-look pamts and white blouse. Both fighters look devastating in their outfits, so their bodies are wonderfully displaying as they fight it out. You will see in this prolonged set various situations with one then another woman stabs her rival with the toyknife. Lots of hard and well-placed thrusts to the breast, belly and even below the belt highlight this spectacular domination role-play. This is a great combination of sudden attacks and well-aimed toyknife thrusts in one set! If you like unusual catfights, you must add these images to your collection! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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TOTAL PICS IN SET - 368 images


Selection: Sudden knife attacks - Alisha vs Zoe

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