Vicky versus Darcy and Renee

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This two-against-one image set features our three beauties - Darcy, Renee, and Vicky, in which Renee and Darcy team up against Vicky and pound her into submission. The unfair 2-on-1 fight takes place on the beach, and three women wear swimsuits only. Numerous 2-on-1 holds, belly punching, crotch kicking, knee attacks, breast punching, stomping and multiple blows to the sensitive places. Right from the beginning Vicky is of the same level as her both opponents, but in the process Renee and Darcy gain the upperhand, and they really punish poor Vicky. Super outdoor 2-on-1 slugging and grappling action between three young ladies! Must have for your collection. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Vicky versus Darcy and Renee

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Good battle!
from on 29/12/2014
Excellent two-on-one fight here, and on a beautiful beach setting. Vicky gets hammered by Darcy and Renee. As soon as the fight starts, Darcy and Renee grab Vicky by the arms to control her, and then they pound her belly and midsection with kicks and knee attacks, including a beautiful simultaneous double knee. Next Renee holds Vicky from behind so Darcy can attack the front of her body. She immediately rams her knee up between Vicky's legs, delivering a devastating impact to the crotch. After that she punches Vicky'c face and breasts, followed by a kick to the stomach. Vicky tries to fight back, getting free and knocking Darcy down. She attacks Darcy's belly and crotch. However, before she can do more, Renee catches her around the throat from behind and pulls her away. Darcy instantly jams her foot into Vicky's crotch, continuing to batter the delicate place. They get Vicky to the ground and Darcy uses her fists furiously on Vicky's groin. Vicky manages to kick her away, but her resistance ends when Renee gets her in a chokehold. Renee wraps her legs around Vicky in a scissors and stretches her arms out. Vicky is completely trapped by Renee and her body is left open to attack. Darcy moves in, grabbing Vicky's right leg and stretching it out; then twisting and applying pressure. She and Renee conduct a vicious team assault on Vicky, who is screaming as Darcy works on her leg. While she is still twisting the leg, Darcy stomps her foot into Vicky's crotch and deliberately grinds her heel in for a long time, determined to break her opponent's womanhood. When Vicky can no longer resists she is flipped over and Renee bends her backwards, using a camel clutch while Darcy socks Vicky in the face to knock her out. Once Vicky is helpless on the ground Darcy and Renee move in and stomp on her breasts and crotch, demolishing all her vulnerable places. Afterwards they celebrate over their shattered opponent and leave her on the ground.
This is a fierce catfight, well choreographed, and with beautiful photo work. Exceptionally good two-on-one action throughout the battle.

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