Domination Fight - Elena vs Darcy -

Domination Fight - Elena vs Darcy -

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This image set for those who loves one-sided punching and kicking domination by both ladies with lots of attacks to the breast, belly and crotch area, knee hits below the belt and pinholds at the wall with hands above the head. Long-legged Elena, attired in high waist blue leggings and high heels has been surprised by Darcy, in black leggings and high heels. Darcy pins Elena at the wall, holding her hands above the head, and with pleasure in her face she punches, kicks and dominates Elena. But soon Elena turns the beating to her own advantage, giving Darcy what she deserved! Incredible domination and slugging battle with two beautiful ladies and skintight outfits! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Serious domination beating
from on 01/01/2015
Darcy and Elena have a brutal catfight/domination where each has the upper hand in turn. At the start, Elena is forced against the mirror and Darcy begins working her over. She hammers Elena severely, punching her breasts, belly, crotch, and face. Darcy also makes good use of her knee, using it to batter Elena's crotch repeatedly. Elena gets some two-action from her opponent as Darcy grips her throat with one hand while using the other to sock her in the crotch. Elena then counterattacks, using her own knee to good effect, starting with a slam to Darcy's crotch before ramming her opponent head first into the mirror. Then Elena uses her knee to bash Darcy in the side, the back of her legs, and right in the buns. She even jams her knee up between Darcy's legs from behind. Darcy is turned around and Elena begins giving her a workout with her fists. Elena starts off punching Darcy's breasts and works her way down to the crotch. After the beating, Darcy is unable to offer more resistance. Elena gives her a palm strike under the jaw. She follows this by clawing at Darcy's face while simultaneously using her knee on Darcy's groin. Elena digs into the face and crotch with equal determination. Finally Darcy drops to the ground and Elena walks away.
This is seriously good punching and knee action. Both girls are dressed to kill, with Elena having an outfit which especially highlights her legs and breasts. Its surprising to see such good photo work when dealing with a mirror, but these pictures are wonderful.