Catsuits Catfight - Stella vs Lexxi - HD

Lexxi and Stella look superb in those catsuits and the action in this fight is really great. Take a look in videoclip below descriptions, 30 sec. preview. For both girls, the entire body is considered a fair target. However, there are numerous excellent punches, kicks and wrestling holds during the battle. It is definitely a fight to watch with lots of catfighting, punching and kicking. The battle goes till submission, where one women lying beaten on the ground!



720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] - 98 MB

Clip Duration - 5 min. 03 sec.


Video Format: MP4, H.264 codec, ZIPPED



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Customer ratings for Catsuits Catfight - Stella vs Lexxi - HD

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 4.7
from on 24/08/2017
Wow! Lexxi in black catsuit is really amazing.
I love specially the first part, when stella put the gun in lexxi's stomach. Amazing situation.
Whe need some clips whit this wonderful catsuit :)
Fab! Want some more!
from on 30/04/2017
One of the best work I've ever seen so far.
The black catsuit looks fabulous and reproduces perfectly this gorgeous actress body curves. I also appreciate that the catsuit remains fully zipped st all time, she looks fantastic and I do believe it was made for her to wear!
I would really love to have some more with the same actress and same black catsuit outfi playing a villainess in a totally dominated position. This time it could be interesting to let her hair loose and have also tight black latex gloves.
Awesome catsuits!
from on 28/12/2014
Lexxi and Stella look wonderful in those skin-tight catsuits. Throughout the action their bodies flex with sleek beauty.The video work here is really great too. The girls are contrasted perfectly against the white wall background. The fight is a close range struggle, which does a lot to show off both of them very nicely. Definitely something to watch if you like seeing hot women in tight catsuits trying to get the better of each other.

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