Renee's domination game - Renee vs Claudia

(Resolution: High Resolution)

This image set is perfect for fans of one-sided combat. Renee launches a barrage of attacks all over Claudia's body and then pins her to the wall with her hands held above her head. Claudia, dressed in a sleek black dress and ankle boots, is taken by surprise by Renee, who is wearing a latex outfit and overknee boots. With a look of satisfaction on her face, Renee holds Claudia against the wall and delivers a well-deserved beating. Renee attacks Claudia with lots of attacks to the breast, belly, knee hits below the belt and chokeholds. It’s an incredible display of role-playing and intense fighting between two gorgeous women in stunning outfits! This set is also available in a standard version - 1450x967 pixels. Buying this set in a high resolution, you will get the same set in the standard resolution for free.



3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 125 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 171 images


Selection: Renee's domination game - Renee vs Claudia

Product no. Resolution Price
0814-0001 Standard Resolution 9.00 € *
0814-0002 High Resolution 14.70 € *

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