Deadly fight in ruins - Fiona vs Zoe

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Amidst the ruins of an abandoned outdoor location, two fierce girls dressed in leather jackets, shorts and boots engage in a deadly hand-to-hand and weapon fight. Zoe wields a gun while her opponent Fiona holds a machine gun. Both fighters have no mercy for each other, as demonstrated in their previous fights. They unleash impressive combinations, skilled maneuvers, blocks, punches and dodges, aiming for sensitive areas of their bodies like breasts, bellies and crotches. Just as the fight reaches its climax, both gangster women pull out their weapons and shoot each other simultaneously. This time, there is no clear winner in this intense battle. The ruins are located off the main road, providing a beautiful and secluded outdoor setting for this intense fight.


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Selection: Deadly fight in ruins - Fiona vs Zoe

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