Below the belt rules - Marta vs Nastja - HD

New apartment down-and-dirty catfight between two beautiful ladies - Marta and Nastja. Marta attired in black skimpy bikinis and boots, Nastja in mini skirt, lingerie top and boots. This fight has special rules - hits below the belt are allowed only!!! There is nothing pulled or faked in this down and dirty fight! Kick by kick, punch by punch, knee by knee both ladies pound each other between the legs without mercy, especially long-legged Marta has been received many blows! We filmed this cat fight with two cameras and you will see some incredible "full-force" attacks during the fight. Many hits landed hard and well-aimed and we are sure that this the most awesome down-and-dirty kicking clip we ever filmed. You will be amazed by power of the attacks and sounds of the impacts! Added to this is the fact that both are very nicely dressed. Extremely exciting action between two very experienced girls.



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Clip Duration - 13 min. 41 sec.


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Customer ratings for Below the belt rules - Marta vs Nastja - HD

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Average rating: 5
Excellent cuntbusting video!
from on 17/04/2016
Marta looks incredibly hot in her Wicked Weasel bikini, latex overknees and high heels. Some hits make good contact and are probably harder than intended giving us some nice reaction scenes of Marta.
Very well done cuntbusting video
from on 05/05/2015

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