Destroying Sabrina – Renee vs Sabrina

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If you love wrestling and domination and your favorite technique is hitting below the belt, this is the one for you. Renee takes on Sabrina and pounds her into submission. In this prolonged private-commissioned image set the main focus for the girls is to concetrate a lot of punishment on a few specific weak spots on the female body. Throughout this one-sided beating Renee attacks most sensitive areas, concentrating most of her attacks on Sabrina’s crotch. Dozen of punches, kicks and knee slams landed right between the legs, Renee uses the sensitive spot as her favorite target. Alos many attacks were aimed to the breast and belly and she did a destructive job, repeatedly slamming her fists and knees right to where it hurts! Definitely recommended images for anyone who likes one-sided domination, wrestling and slugging action! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Destroying Sabrina – Renee vs Sabrina

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