Fight until End – Maya vs Jillian

(Resolution: High Resolution)

Maya vs Jillian – two beautiful women fight unti bitter end in this struggle. The story begins as Jillian arrested Maya and pinned her to the brick wall for further interrogation and investigation. Jillian enjoys her job and she begins to play with Maya - punching, slapping and kneeing her helpless opponent. You will see plenty of punches, kicks, chokeholds, slapping, knee attacks, lots of them landed to the very sensitive areas. Over and over Jillian slams her knuckles into opponent's body! But Maya planned to escspe and she fights back with lots of slugging and dirty tactics. Finally she chokes her rival with metal chain, leaving Jillian knocked out on the ground and escape the crime place. This is a Must for your catfighting collection!

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Duration - 10 min. 15 sec.


Selection: Fight until End – Maya vs Jillian

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