Catfight in private school 2 – Sabrina, Maya, Tess, Jillian – FULL HD

Catfight in private school 2 – Sabrina, Maya, Tess, Jillian – FULL HD

This is a second part of catfight in the private school between Jillian, Tess, Sabrina and Maya. First, Jillian and Maya jump on each other trying to humiliate the opponent during the fight. This is a situation where Maya and Jillian absolutely destroy each other, using lots of dirty techniques and tricks. Another three women - Renee, Tess and Sabrina just watch this spectacle as spectators. This catfight features almost continuous face slapping, real belly punching, crotch hitting and tough catfighting, that Jillian literally gets knocked out cold from such asault! Then, Sabrina comes into game and she replaces Jillian and now Maya and Sabrina clash for supremacy. Hard punching and kicking to the vulnerable breast, belly and even crotch area, both women can only gasp in agony as they pound away their hot bodies. The next part - Tess and Maya catfight on the couch, using all things in their arsenal. Hard belly punching and crotch attacks are the common tactic by both ladies. Finally, Jillian wakes up from previous punishment and jumps on Tess. You will astound how much hard hits to very sensitive areas these girls can take and give. The finish finds as one beauty is lying defeated and humiliated on the couch! This FULL-HD action-packed catfight you won’t want to miss! Video preview available below.



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