Anything legal challenge – Lexxi vs Blanca

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In this beautiful and sunny day by the swimming pool our fitness hottie Lexxi is going to challenge Blanca in anything legal battle. Both are wearing gymnastic leotards and lycra pants beneath, show off all the curves of their bodies beautifully, also high heels, which both fighters are free to use as a weapon in the fight. However, the best way to win a catfight ist to concentrate a lot of damage on few specific weak spots of the female body, and both beauties know that. Delivering non-stop punishment between the legs, each fighter wanted to get advantage over the opponent. Finally, high heel crotch stomping in combination with a chokehold on the ground, knocking the wind out and ends this anything legal brawl. This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Anything legal challenge – Lexxi vs Blanca

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Customer ratings for Anything legal challenge – Lexxi vs Blanca

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from on 23/10/2017
Incredible set! Lexxi and Blanca are so hot it is unbelievable. Those outfits! And the action is the best possible. Lexxi starts off with a wonderfully hard knee to Blanca's crotch, then gets hold of her arm to take control. Blanca counterattacks. Lexxi's crotch becomes the prime target, and Blanca delivers an attack which is just devastating: knee, kick,heel jab, multiple punches. Blanca makes sure every centimeter of Lexxi's female cleft is severely battered! Somehow Lexxi recovers enough to continue the battle, using a beautiful kick to the midsection (great filming here), She follows it with a furious knee to Blanca's crotch, and elbows to the face. Blanca replies with another blow to the crotch, and a FANTASTIC knee to Lexxi's crotch. It is probably one of the best images of a catfighter getting a knee to her crotch ever done. Its enough to allow Blanca to take control of Lexxi and force her to the ground. Then Blanca finishes her with the most extreme catfighting technique. She gets one leg in the air and stomps her high heel down on Lexxi;s battered womanhood. Then, just to make sure, she lifts both of Lexxi's legs, spreads them wide, and gives her another powerful spike heel jab to the cleft, keeping up the pressure until the weak spot is totally demolished. With the most sensitive target broken, Blanca is able to finish Lexxi off with a chokehold.
This image set isn't just one catfighter busting another woman's crotch. Super sexy Lexxi has her womanhood totally PULVERIZED by Blanca in some of most erotic images ever of these devastating techniques. Several images show of one the best knee-to-crotch blows you will ever see, and the spike heel devastation at the end is magnificent. Blanca has Lexxi's legs held up and spread wide so her damaged cleft can be finished off with precise and powerful jabs. This set is just too good HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!