Three spies – Laura, Elena and Daisy

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This images set features three separate parts. In the first part of the image set, beautiful blond Laura acting as a spy. She is wearing black short dress, black pantyhose and overknee boots. She is armed with a machine gun. Plenty of action and posing scenes, finally Laura is lying limp on the ground. In the second part of the set is long-legged Elena will be seen on the screen, attired in clack catsuit and high heels. She is armed with bow and arrow, trying to defend the camp. In vain, at the end, she is lying unmoving on the wooden floor with a arrow sticking out from her breast. The last part of the set features gorgeous Daisy, dressed in shiny black pants, corsage, long gloves and heels. She is guarding with two handguns, but was surprised by sudden attack. Lots of surrender scenes at the wall and limp acting on the ground. Don't miss this image set with three beauties on stage, we are pretty sure you will love this one! This set is also available in a large version - 3504x2336 pixels.



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Selection: Three spies – Laura, Elena and Daisy

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Customer ratings for Three spies – Laura, Elena and Daisy

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from on 25/03/2016
Once again Edward has reached into my fantasies. Gorgeous model model wearing a shiny black catsuit, short leather jacket, high heeled boots. Even better, brandishing bow and arrow. Wow.

Excellent lighting. Sharp focus. I also like the broader range of camera level in this set. More high and low shots. Great work!